Every year the BSA raises funds through the Friends of Scouting program. Donations keep our camps open and the council offices staffed. We would all like to contribute, and Troop 65 has found a way to make it easier to pitch in next year.


We each made a bank by decorating a sleeve for a Pringles can to take home and place in a prominent location. Put a dollar in the bank each week and next year you can contribute about $50 without reaching into your wallet or checkbook. Two dollars gets you $100 and three dollars gets you $150.  For every scout in the council, it costs $150 keep the lights on.


The idea is for each family to decide now how they want to contribute a year from now, and save a little each week.


How much do you want to save each week?  How do you want to do it? Ideas to discuss as a family:

The scout contributes part of his allowance.

The parents contribute a fixed amount each week.

The scout does extra chores to earn money.

The parents contribute their pocket change at the end of each day.


This is a private decision for your family.  Nobody will ask about the results. We just want to give you this tool.  And we think it will be a valuable lesson of how small amounts (of money, time, or effort) add up in the long run.